Data, Data, Everywhere

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Data is everywhere . . . Being used every day . . . And it impacts each and every one of us.

It's staggering to think about the amount of personal data Amazon1, Google2, and Facebook3 are collecting. We may not even realize the extent as to what, when, where and how this data is being collected.

As much as we like it — or not — we must conclude that living off the grid is a distant past memory. 

However, responsible data collection, retention, and its use in marketing are not solely left to the big-name players in the marketplace. 

To effectively market a product or service requires requesting, capturing, storing, and safeguarding personal data. This data can be used to determine future consumer trends or evaluate Key Performance Indicator (KPI) engagement results from direct mail, email, or Short Message Service (SMS) campaigns.
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Personal and privileged information can be something as simple as:
    •    First and Last Name,
    •    Home Address,
    •    Email address, or 
    •    Cellphone Number

It's a Trust Thing

Safeguarding this information is a responsibility that should not be taken lightly. Prospects and clients must be assured that you will protect their data and not use it for personal gain by brokering it to other third parties. 

When you come down to it, data is everywhere and used by many organizations — not just the big-name players. The more seriously you retain and protect your users' personal data, the more your clients will consider you a valued business partner.

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