Maintaining Client Relationships in a New Digital Age

# DigitalMarketing


COVID-19 has put a proverbial monkey wrench in the way businesses need to operate. 

The past year and a half have shown that a reliance on face-to-face meetings is fast becoming a thing of the past. With rising fuel and travel costs coupled with an inflationary economic environment, companies need to be more adaptive to using technology more effectively to conduct business.

However, this cannot come at a sacrifice to maintaining a highly engaged client relationship. Building long-lasting and successful relationships depend on establishing even more cohesive and connected digital engagements with your clients.

Shaking the Chains of an Impersonal Appearance
Think about the time and effort your company has put into the sales process. From leading potential buyers into your sales funnel, nurturing those warm leads into highly engaged prospects, and finally getting them over the finish line to the final sale. That’s a ton of time, effort, and capital investment to secure a new client.

Why would you want to spoil all those efforts with lackluster client service?

Did you know that it can cost at least five times as much to acquire a new customer as it does to take care of an existing one?

Webinars and virtual summits are now the mainstays for virtually engaging clients. However, not integrating a more comprehensive approach to Client Relationship Management may make a business appear too impersonal. 

Supplementing those face-to-face meetings by implementing an effective digital strategy can make all the difference in fostering and growing a client relationship or — unfortunately, not doing so — miserably losing one.

A Smart Use of Digital Helps Bridge the Gap for Maintaining the Client Relationship
Setting up an innovative and efficient use of a fully integrated digital marketing strategy — which includes Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Text Messaging, Survey Marketing, and Social Media Marketing — you can see more engaged clients by:

  • Easily maintain an ongoing open dialogue with your clients. Keeping an open line of communication is the bedrock for preserving and fostering any lasting relationships.
  • Position your company’s brand and value proposition in a consistent manner. Remember, your client came to you to provide them with a solution to a problem they were experiencing. Why wouldn’t they want to hear from you to see if there are new ways for you to help make running their business easier? 
  • Receive and respond to feedback from clients in a timely manner. One of the most important benefits of an integrated digital strategy is the ability to hear what your clients are saying so that you can quickly respond to their needs and provide a solution to their problems.
  • Satisfied and engaged clients are more likely to provide you with referrals. Client referrals are one of the best ways to secure more highly engaged prospects. This makes the sales process a whole lot easier. Coupled with a great client engagement strategy, you can add another satisfied customer to your list.